My name is Jan Malmgren. I am a photographer with a PhD in ecology and I specialize in nature and animal conservation, landscape, seascape and cityscape photography.

From my background in academic research and education, I have years of experience with teaching, supervising and mentoring university students and graduates. I have written several reports and research papers on topics such as conservation, evolution and animal ecology. Today, I focus on regional and local governance towards a sustainable future. This is my inner driving force as an ecologist, photographer and human being.

If you want to read some of my published research, you can find it here… (opens in a new window)

I am located in the south-west of Sweden. Hence, my photography takes much of its inspiration from coastal landscapes, where it is easy to be absorbed by both the beauty and the brute force of the sea. I also enjoy traveling, and exploring with my camera as I go. Throughout my life the arts and sciences have been my main focus of attention, and nature, music and photography provides my main sources of inspiration, and for recharging my creative batteries. I am not working as a pro photographer today, although I did run my own photography business/studio for about 15 years. Instead of hunting clients, I have decided to slow down and apply a more mindful approach to my photography projects. I take much pleasure in being out in the landscape, which is both meditative and a good exercise for body and soul.

I am always open to suggestions for giving talks, lectures, courses and workshops, or for feature and travel photography, portraits, or any other adventure that might come in my direction. So please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any cool ideas.


I use
Fujifilm GFX-series digital medium format cameras, native Fujifilm Fujinon GF lenses, LEE Filters, Haida filters, Gitzo tripods with RRS [Really Right Stuff] accessories, and ThinkTank MindShift bags. Older photographs on this website have been made with Fujifilm X-series or Canon EOS-series cameras and lenses. The gear used is typically specified in the journal posts, along with other technical notes.







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