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I am happy to announce that I have a photograph published in the recent issue of Medium Format Magazine. The photo has an interesting story to it…

The November 2019 issue includes some very fine articles by well known fellow photographers. My photograph is published in the Reader's exhibitions section. It was made on a windy evening in July 2019, when a storm was building up on the West coast of Sweden. I had taken one of my usual walks along the coastline, looking for inspiration, and stopped in a few places to make photographs. Those are posted in another journal entry (link coming soon). This photograph turned out to be the last one I made during the evening, just before packing up and returning home.

Not uncommon for me, I ended up on the westernmost tip of Getterön, outside Varberg. The wind was hitting hard, and waves gushed up over the boulders and rocks just where I was standing. The sky was getting really dark due to the clouds, although it was not particularly late. The clock showed 22:10. I had my camera placed on the tripod, with a 3 stop soft ND grad filter (LEE) to balance the sky and the sea with the foreground, and a 10 stop ND Big Stopper (LEE) for making a long exposure. This is the result:

A storm is building up at Getterön. Varberg, Sweden.

However, the road to the end result was not as straight as it may seem. Although I calculated the shutter speed to 4 minutes, the photograph was quite underexposed. See before and after screen dump below. The process of developing this image in Lightroom is great proof of the amazing dynamic range that Fujifilm's digital medium format sensors have.

Before and after
I have been a subscriber to the Medium Format Magazine since issue #01, but for those of you that have not yet discovered the magazine, I would really recommend it if you are interested in all forms of medium and large format photography. It is digital subscription only, and is a great read on the iPad or other tablets. The team around the editor-in-chief Olaf Sztaba is excellent in delivering a high class magazine - filled with great content - right on time each month. It is a joy to read. See link below.

Medium Format Magazine (opens in a new window)…

Technical notes

Camera: Fujifilm GFX 100
Lens: Fujifilm Fujinon 23mm/f4 R LM WR
Miscellaneous: Camera placed on tripod, LEE ND soft grad filter + Big Stopper (10 stop)
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